Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sarah Brad

The other night I was sitting by my husband on the couch. I picked up his phone and started to open up one of the games he has on it when all of a sudden a note flashed at the top of the screen that said:

"Pictures of Sarah Brad"

It was about 10pm by that point and I looked at him quite suspiciously and said:

"Ahem, Who is Sarah Brad? and Why is she sending pictures of herself to you at 10 o'clock at night?"

He rolled his eyes and said:

"Its Sarah Bradley, your new niece. The text flash only has so many characters. She was just born a couple of hours ago and my parents sent some pictures to us of her... dork"



Um but exciting that I have a new niece! teehee

here is a picture of my cute little niece that was born on Tuesday!

Don't you just love getting new additions to the family! I wish we could be there to hold her and give her lots of love. My other sister-in-law has been gone for the summer and I miss her and my nephew so much. I wish we lived closer to all of our family, both Doug's side and mine. We have a pretty small family compared to seemingly everyone, but it sure is fun to see it grow over time.

(and yes she has goop in her eyes in this one but I like it because she looks like she has just the littlest smile in this one!)

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