Wednesday, June 15, 2011

purchasing pacification

Its been a crappy day. And then I went home a discovered the beautiful trees that shade the entire back of my property had all been cut down by the city so that they can put up a new power line. Even better, they left all the remains for us to clean up. I wanted to cry but I was too angry to cry. My beautiful, lovely, shaded backyard now looks TERRIBLE! Worse than terrible. LOOKS LIKE &*%@! And to make it EVEN better that that - we are supposed to have our home be in a historic home tour in 2 DAYS! We are frantically running around to nurseries now trying to find trees to replace the gorgeous, large, old, irreplaceable ones that helped draw us to the property in the first place. And it will still look like crap.
I'm so frustrated. I plan on talking to the city people tomorrow but there isn't much I can do at this point.
I hate feeling helpless.
So I bought a tote bag.

I'm not sure how this helps the situation but sometimes in moments when I feel like everything is completely out of my control (something I've been feeling a lot lately) I grasp at stupid things to try and reassure myself about the world and my control over it. Its not buying happiness, per se. I think its purchasing pacification.


Nat said...

I love retail therapy.

Tanya said...

I don't get how this is legal - no notices posted on your door, no phone calls, no warning at all? How does this happen? Crazy. I cringe when someone cuts a tree down around here, even if it did need to happen.

Elizabeth said...

Not fun, I feel your pain. I am a tree hugger extraordinaire and I cringe whenever I see a beautiful oak or elm get hacked up. We've planted 7 trees in our small yard since we've moved in just to cover our bases.

Is there a silver lining at all? Can you grow a garden now? Or sunbathe?