Thursday, August 9, 2012

Austin is HOT...and I don't mean sexy

105 today.

The fact that I'm still able to write a blogpost right now is a bit miraculous.

And if the heat doesn't get us, this cold will (see how I can still be punny despite being sick?). The whole Crabb fam is sick. The boys were all sick for about 5-6 days and right when I thought they were all getting better and I had held out from baby kisses for long enough, well, then I got sick. Blah. As you well know, I'm kinda a terrible person when I'm not feeling well. BUT I'd take me sick over the babies sick any. day. They were so pitiful with their little coughs and drooling from teething and sweating from everyday being like 105 stupid degrees. Fussy babies suck man. Especially two fussy babies. And then moving to a place where we don't know anyone who we can pawn them off on so we can get a few minutes to be away from said fussy babies. Double blah.

but LEST this post be a giant complain post, let's highlight some good things.

1. These babies are obsessed with black people. Its almost a bit embarrassing. They start reaching for them and smiling and bouncing all around whenever they see someone with beautiful dark brown skin. I guess living in a place without much diversity was more depriving them I even knew.

2. Despite going to church in a very rough area of town, we go to church with some really fabulous people. I met two beautiful ladies, sisters (actual sisters - not church lingo) in their late 60s, who have been a total God-send. They invited me and the babies over for dinner when we first got in town. They were just SO delightful. They are my only friends here thus far and I'm already abusing them. I'm borrowing a book (they have an incredible book collection of all the books that I want to read - we have very similar tastes - which really, actually, makes sense since I'm not-so-secretly a 75 year old in a 12, I mean 27, year olds body) AND they are watching the boys for us for two hours on Monday while Doug and I celebrate 7 years of mawage.  Friends are nice to have. I miss my friends. But this is the happy part of the post...

3. The babies can crawl and both of them have TWO teeth! I sorta feel like they are mobile little puppies now with their sharp little baby teeth gnawing on everything. We also have a new routine of giving them a bath every night since they get so sweaty here and every night when we plop them in the bathtub together and dump water on their heads, they laugh and laugh at seeing their brother's hair all matted down. Its really a lot of fun. And then they splash and splash. Whit also likes to put his hands in the water and then quickly put them in his mouth and try and suck up all the water he can.

4. 600 square feet ain't bad. We will totally be able to make this space work. The biggest challenge so far is the bathroom but we will get that better organized in the coming week.

Anyway, thats all for now. I hope to post a bit more often once we get fully settled, which will hopefully be by next week. I'll also do a bunch of before and after photos of this place if my camera doesn't melt. :)

Have a great Friday and weekend!

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Tanya Schaeffer said...

Funny to hear your comments about the heat. :-) It was anywhere between 111 and 115 here most of last week. We're enjoying the current cool front of 99-102 days. And I truly, deeply miss the diversity of my job in Midland. I miss my peeps. :-(