Friday, July 6, 2012

good music and good reads

Just a quick post with a few good reads and my new favorite song right now...

First, the song -

You should listen to it. Its good.

Second, one of the best articles I've read in a long time about the struggles of work/life balance as a working mother. This article is my life right now and it really is VERY well written.

Read it HERE.

Third, I actually read this article years ago but I still think about it. Its about racial disparity in our immediate social circles. Its so fascinating. The author takes out a craigslist ad to find a black friend. It really challenged me and makes you think about those with whom you surround yourself.

Read it HERE.*

*(its a bit of rough language at first. It was originally published in GQ which is NOT Christians Weekly or The Ensign...) 

And lastly, the boys have really taken notice of each other...

They now roll over on top of each other and pull each others hair and touch/smack/pinch each other's faces. I think its the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You can check out more of our goings ons over on instagram HERE, including a picture of the amazing double rainbow we saw last night. 

Have a great weekend!


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

holy crap do i love that instagram album! nature, family and home...all the best patches in the sink, love that your boys don;t where the same outfit and that you can tell they have their own personalities, love the bee on the flower, the boys room...oh, well, i am going t miss knowing you are only 45 minutes your guts, hugs and kisses on the forehead all around!

Sarah said...

You post the best articles! I love reading them. Sorry, I'm a random person who kind of lurks.