Thursday, August 4, 2011

summer and blah blah blah

I guess I haven't updated this in a little while. Not much to say at the moment. The yard sale was sorta bunk unfortunately but we got rid of a lot of crap sooooo that was good. We had a good time with the in-laws. We played a lot of games and enjoyed three or four nights of summer storms (and by the way, not to brag but the weather here has been amazing this summer! Not sure why we've had it so good while the rest of the country is in the middle of a record breaking heat wave buuuuuut I'll take it!!)
So yeah. We've just been hanging out, reading a lot, playing guitar, watching movies, avoiding anything warm. I've got a few more weeks of summer fun planned (camping, boating, anniversarying...) and then September will bring the commencement of fall projects and all the wonderful fun things we do in fall, which is about 100x more than what we do in the summer. I've realized I'm not really a summer person that much. I don't like being hot. I'm kinda a wimp in the heat. Maybe if I lived near an ocean or maybe a river that was slow and meandering instead of deathly fast river that can kill death (like, dead) then I would be more of a summer person. Or maybe if summer were exactly like autumn then I'd be a summer person. Yes. That would be best.

Anyway, I hope you are all having an excellent summer. Anyone have a good lemon desert recipe? I think that might help me be more in the summer mood...


Leah Stone said...

I am sure you can find something out of these 45 heavenly looking desserts.

love you!

suzie said...

lemon curd. right from the jar. cole uses it as toothpaste right before bed which is sort of disgusting but he says it gives him good dreams.