Friday, July 22, 2011

summer songs and yard sales and in-laws

Well it looks like my posts of late have been a little on the heavy side. Sorry about that. Let's lighten it up a bit with this topic:

Summer songs

I have a giant list of songs I listen to in the summertime. For some reason they mostly include oldies but I thought I'd list 5 songs for you to add to your summer play list if you don't already have them -

1. NYC Girl by The Orion Experience
2. Sister Golden Hair by America
3. If Looks Could Kill by Camera Obscura
4. In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry
5. Busted by The Black Keys (or pretty much anything by the Black Keys...sigh)

We're having a yard sale tomorrow. We'll be setting it up for hours on end tonight. Want to see the ad I placed for it? :)

Come enjoy the thrill of the hunt at the BEST YARD SALE EVER!!! What makes this yard sale better than all the rest? I'm glad you asked. Let me count the ways:
1. we have shade
2. we have fabulous stuff that we are selling for CHEAP
3. you will not have to sift through nasty used panties and crusty unwashed dishes to find that one piece of treasure
4. everything is displayed as if in a lovely boutique because I'm one of the most anal retentive people in the world and because I know and appreciate design and exhibit with aesthetic prowess (and I'm using the word prowess in a craigslist ad... points? yes?)
5. we can tell you the story behind almost any of the things we are selling because we like things with a history (i.e. our house was built in 1894...)
6. AND if we don't know the story of the object then we will tell you a really awesome and convincing story about the object that you can feel comfortable repeating to generations for years to come
7. we won't make you feel guilty for perusing and not buying anything (though you'd be crazy not to - hint: window shopping + yard sales = bad)
8. you'll have fun - its your Saturday, you deserve to have a great time and a fabulous day

Items for sale include
- designer pillows, comforters, throws
- art, frames, posters
- men and women's clothes (brands like Banana Republic, H&M, Gap, etc)
- building supplies (limited amounts of wood, paint, random tools)
- antique and new dishes
- vintage tablecloths, aprons, tea towels
- furniture
- and more!

Come enjoy your Saturday with us at...

And so on.

Wouldn't you come to a yard sale with an ad like that?

Anyway, then within hours of the closing of the sale my in-laws will arrive.

If you're wondering who was the idiot who decided they should turn their house over and make it a disaster in order to sell off tons of stuff and then who needs to make it spotless and pass a white-glove test before my lover of cleanliness mother-in-law shows up... well... that'd be... crap, yeah its me.

So, thats my weekend. Happy Friday to you!


Rachel said...

That is, hands down, the best craigslist yard sale ad I've ever read. And I award you 10 million points for using the word prowess. Nice job, Jo! I hope you make a billion dollars at your yard sale.

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

have i ever said i love you? that you wrote that ad, and mostly because of the reason you decided to have the yard sale:)

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

p.s. haven't minded the "heavier topics" of late...just hard to make more appropriate comments on those types of know what i mean?

Tanya said...

I would so come to this yard sale. And now I've learned one more thing you can to with Craig's List. Love it.

Elizabeth said...

Wish I could have come to your yard sale. Hope it was a huge success!