Friday, August 26, 2011

on keeping pregnancy a secret

(would've been even better if they were twin boys but whatev)

People have marveled that Doug and I didn't tell our families or the public about the pregnancy until I was nearly 20 weeks.
But let me tell you something, we didn't even talk about me being pregnant for about 2 months.
Then in month three we just joked about it.
Then in month four we finally decided to acknowledge it.
At the end of that month Doug's parents came out to visit us and I was CLEARLY pregnant by that point. So the secret was then out to at least 2 people (besides co-workers and the rest of the people who see me in person) and one of them was my mother-in-law...
This is the sweet woman who told me where I was going on my "secret" honeymoon location about a week before the wedding :) ...
And the woman who can't look you in the face if she has a secret (an exciting secret) because she will start smiling and giggling.
So, we knew we had to move quick and hence the quickly and somewhat shoddily made video I posted a week or two ago.
There were other reasons why we waited (previous miscarriage, sister-in-law having a baby in June, complete and utter denial of babies existing inside me) but ultimately Doug and I are surprisingly private people... rrr wait.
No we're not.

We just love a good surprise!

Have a great weekend everyone! We're going to a baseball game tonight, picking raspberries tomorrow, and welcoming my dad back for the fall on Sunday! Fun times!

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