Wednesday, March 3, 2010

good list bad list

Things I'm not doing well:

1. keeping my car out of the automotive shop

2. getting appropriate amounts of sleep

3. remembering details and dates and names

4. keeping my goals

5. couchsurfing in Europe

6. getting cat's collar back on

7. putting away my clothes

8. being motivated in school right now

9. helping plan our Europe trip

10. losing some chub

11. gardening

12. getting my camera fixed

Things I'm doing well:

1. procrastinating

2. eating chocolate

3. coming up with excuses to avoid all responsibilities in my life but then doing them anyway at the last moment

Hey but on a truly exciting and happy note, my first crocus bloomed yesterday! That little bloom gives me so much hope. Spring! Please Spring come quick!

1 comment:

suzie said...

unfortunately you are now doing great at losing some chub. sound jo has been making way too much: blllaaahhhrrrhhggggh!!