Thursday, March 25, 2010


So today is the one day ONE DAY in the entire week that I have that I don't have something in the evenings. I got out of class. Came home. Picked up the house and started dinner in the crockpot. Doug got home and went to go change out of work clothes then someone knocks on my door. Its a cute girl about my age and height and she says that her family just moved here and her dad is starting a business right down the road cleaning carpets. She says they have a special going right now where they will clean two rooms carpets for free to hopefully do some repeat business. Sure, I said, just so happens we only have two rooms that have carpet. Great! When can we come over, she asks. How about tonight? How long does the cleaning take? OH only a few minutes she says. So not less than an hour later two guys and a cleaning truck come to the door. Dinner is about half done and I have 3 pages written of the 14 pages I need to get done TONIGHT and thats not including the other homework I need to get done tonight. So now its THREE !(*&$#^#$%# HOURS LATER!!! And no I don't want to buy a $2000 vacuum. I don't care how amazing it is (and truthfully it was amazing, I'll give them that).
Now dinner is ruined and I'm fricken hungry. My night is shot and I will now spend Friday night doing homework instead of seeing my husband because Saturday and Sunday I have church stuff all day.
AHHHHHHh I'm so mad right now.
You're thinking, why in the world did you let them stay for 3 hours?
Let me tell you how sales works people. First, the person doing the cleaning gets dropped off. They don't have a way to leave your house. Second, they do the cleaning as they show you the product. If you say leave before its done then its only part of the way done. Third, I might just be the NICEST DAMN PERSON IN THE WORLD. I'm not joking. I'm polite to a fault. To a serious fault. 3hrs later no homework, no dinner, and no Friday night date type of fault. Won't tell the waitress the food is bad type of fault. Won't tell you I think you're a fricken idiot and you don't understand anything about politics type of fault. I draw the line but only at sacred things (family, dear friends, God, church).


Heidi said...

maybe I should be nicer like you - or maybe we should both find a middle ground :) Love you - hang in there - grad school really does end eventually!

Tanya said...

Sorry your weekend is so jam packed. And by the way, your brother is also nice like that. We're sort of opposites in that way - he's often said I could live in New York and fit in just fine. And I'm glad you won't tell me how retarded I am when it comes to politics. :-)

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

oh,so sorry..

Mrs. Boojwa said...

That stinks. It was a Kirby salesman wasn't it? Maybe you don't have to stop being nice, but maybe just be frank? Ty could teach you how :-) he taught me!