Friday, March 5, 2010


It was time for a change of the main blog picture. Isn't this faucet picture cool? I stole it from One Lucky Fish blog. I could make up something about how its a symbol of all the gushing I do on this blog or something but its not. Its just a cool picture that captures my eye, sort of like this funny kitty picture.

I'm in the mood for change I guess. I like to think of other people's lives and wonder what it would be like to be them. Not celebrities or anything, I like to think of people I know or want to know. I have some good friends who eat all things organic. They only use fresh everything and go to the market about every other day. I feel really fancy and chef-like when I use fresh stuff. When I drive by huge amazing houses I wonder about the people inside. What are they like? What do they do for a living? I think the same thing when I see someone with a lot of property or someone who lives far from town. My husband and I play this game when we go out. We choose someone and watch them for a little while and then guess what they do for a living and where they live and what their family situation is like. "She is a director of marketing for a big travel agency. She is divorced and has two grown children and she lives outside of New York City." Most times we will go ask them after we explain our game. Turns out she was the regional head of sales for Honey Baked Ham and she was married and had one teenage son and lived in Denver. We have a bit of improvement I suppose but sometimes we are spot on. (by sometimes I mean, twice we were right about more than one thing...ha). Anyway, sometimes I just crave change. I think I'd like to be a bit more spontaneous. Yeah, spontaneous sounds nice.

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Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

well, you are going to europe and you don't quite know where you are staying in rome and could practice your spontaneity there(how do you spell that word at 6 am on a sat. morn?):) you know, go to church, ask the members if you could stay at one of their houses or something like that....that's spontaneous

love your guts--and the rest of you too--are you getting through the rest of your somewhat boring classes?