Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the move

So here are the details - We are moving to Austin, TX. About three years ago my husband (the writer - for a good time, see the ad he wrote for our car) had an epiphany. He loves movies. He loves to write. Why doesn't he combine the two? SO he started studying up. He read every book there was on the topic and then set to work transferring his numerous book-starts into full fledged screenplays. He worked on them every spare minute he had for nearly two years.
SO then he had screenplays and no idea where to go from there. After a lot of research we decided school might be a good route for him. It would not only provide structure and feedback, but it'd provide valuable connections and a terminable graduate degree that he could use to teach if the market got rough.
SO then he took the GRE and nailed it, applied to the top three screenwriting programs in the country, got in, and decided on UT-Austin. Why Austin and not L.A.? Well, for one (and let me brag here for a moment because I'm just really really proud of him) UT-Austin wants to PAY him to go to school there. They have essentially chosen him as their #1 draft pick and have offered him a fellowship that would actually cover all expenses and then some. Let me put this in another way - They have hundreds of applicants. They accept 7 people. And the entire Arts department (of which the screenwriting program is just one of many) offers one full ride fellowship and they gave it to Doug. BAMA!
Its really amazing, given that when we decided school might be the best route, we knew the odds were against him even getting in. We had a number of contingency plans in case he didn't get in. But we figured, what the hell?! Let's at least try. And now here we are!!!
And I'm sure eventually we will end up in L.A. but after our trip there last May, neither of us is too eager to make that happen sooner rather than later.
So that's that.

Other details include:
I will be working remotely for my company at least through the end of the year, if not longer.
We will be short-selling our house. Its worth about 100k less than what we bought it for. ugh.
We are bringing our cat and both of our sons (we are judicious like that).
We are going to check out housing and the school at the end of the month with kids in tow. Eek!
We have no idea how we will juggle two kids on top of all of this.
And lastly, we are very excited, overwhelmed, sad, happy, stressed, nervous, grateful, and all the other emotions that come along with something like this.

We certainly never intended to stay in Utah as long as we have. We have really come to love this place and most especially, all the amazing and wonderful people that are now woven into the our lives.




So that's the update on the move. I'll try and update about the boys tomorrow (with pictures!)


Kate said...

Not that I live in Utah, but where is your house?? From the pictures I've seen it is adorable and I know some people who might be interested in it when you start working to sell it...

suzie said...

DOUG RULES!!!!!!!!! Seriously did not know what a writing pimp he was. Probably would've if he let a single person read anything besides Craigslist ads, but wow. He rules.