Thursday, October 20, 2011

week 29

Well here we are at week 29. I hadn't planned on showing the bump much but I think I will try and document it from here on out. If nothing else, I think its helpful for those women who are pregnant with twins to get a comparison. At least that has been mostly helpful for me (except for when I think - crap, look how amazing that woman looks).

So here is the babies update -

I had an INCREDIBLE baby shower this weekend thrown by my best friend Leah who flew from Colorado just to throw me this party. Isn't she the best? I wish everyone were so lucky to have such a wonderful person in their life. I didn't take any pictures because I was busy being...uh, showered?!
anyway, I will get some pictures from those who were able to snap a few of the event. It was just perfect.

The boys are both breech right now. Hopefully they will turn in the next little while and stay that way.

They weigh about 2.5 lbs (Baby A) and close to 3 lbs (Baby B). They need to double in size in the next few weeks before they are born.

I failed my gestational diabetes test. I go in for more testing tomorrow.

My husband and I attended a birthing class last week and have part 2 of the class this evening. We sat in the back and watched the instructor with wide eyes. Doug was very intrigued and learned a lot. He now tries to casually throw in words like "fundus" into our conversations. Fun! ...dus (that was terrible. sorry)

So that's the babies update for now.

Pray that they turn and grow and stay inside!


Tamalyn said...

Holy COW, Jo! I don't think my stomach popped out that much at 39 weeks (with singleton)!! And I'm a short 5'2"!

You look great!!

No need to answer since it may be TMI but any stretch marks? If so, and if you're not using it already, try Bio-Oil. My body tends to be stretch mark prone but I got none on my stomach due to that product. I put it on most mornings and every night. Someone else recommended it to me and I am still forever grateful.

Leah Stone said...

This Leah character sounds pretty awesome. I love you and wouldn't have had it any other way. How are my little nephews doing?

Elizabeth said...

You are literally ALL baby. You look great!! I bet you don't feel great, but looking great is something.

Grow, babies, grow!!