Wednesday, October 12, 2011

stuck in an elevator

Well I had a unique experience today. I got stuck in an elevator for an hour and a half.

I was on the third floor of our building in a meeting and decided to check out the library in one of the offices up there. I was looking for a book on productivity (oddly enough) and roped a co-worker into helping me browse through the books. We grabbed a few books and then he held the elevator for me. The very second I stepped in, the elevator door closed and then freaked out. It started making noises and then all of the lights turned on. It was at that time that I mentioned that I have a strange electrical problem and that I've shorted out 5 computers at work and have blown almost every fuse in my house by plugging stuff in.
He didn't appreciate my withholding that information until then.
Luckily my co-worker had a phone and we were able to call the building operations manager who then called the elevator people who showed up quite quickly.

There was a large crowd outside when we finally emerged. They clapped and cheered for us. I felt a little like a rock star.

And I was told later that telling the elevator people that there is a lady who could possibly deliver twins any day stuck in the elevator, really sped up the average response time.

So see? Being pregnant isn't all bad?! :)

And here is some proof -

Above is some of my co-workers having fun OUTSIDE the elevator

Below is a picture of me emerging from the elevator with my co-worker Jason (check me out looking huge at 28 weeks pregnant)

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Tamalyn said...

Hilarious! Glad your two munchkins stayed inside during the ordeal!!

You are such a beautiful pregnant momma!!

Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I'm having a blast reading it! Thanks for sharing.