Friday, December 3, 2010

gift giving

I love to give gifts. I think my dream job would either be to give gifts to people or to pet animals all day. I like my job but those jobs are fabulous. I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping I've done 99% of it online - I converted this year and I don't know if I'll ever go back. Being able to find the perfect gift at a better price than is available in stores, not having to deal with crowds or parking, and being able to listen to Christmas music and keep a smile on my face while I shop - YES I believe I will. Anyway, I'm really excited about some of the gifts I'm giving this year. I wish I could tell you all of them right now but I'm not sure who all reads this blog (probably just me but sometimes its nice to humor myself) and I don't want to spoil any gifts. I'll tell you two of them though because I know my little nephews don't read this blog.
I am a big fan of children's books. I romantically believe that I will own tons of Caldecott and Newbery Award winning books someday so my future children will have a lovely library just for them (and who am I kidding, for me too - I love them). So I'm really excited about two of the books I got for my nephews.
The first is The Robot Book for my little 2.5 year old nephew. It has moving parts and has a cute little message. It is also really well designed.
The other one is The Incredible Book Eating Boy for my five year old nephew. I now want to own this one too. I should've bought two copies. Its such a great book. It has some GREAT pictures and I really really love the design of the book. Even my husband loved it and thought it was really clever. I think my nephew will love it. He loves books.

Do you love giving gifts? I love when I know I got the perfect gift for someone. So fun.
We just got our tree today at lunch so after my husband's work Christmas Party I'm excited to get home and decorate it. Have a great weekend!

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Tanya said...

I would love to have the creative genes you have. I bet all of your gifts are awesome.