Friday, May 7, 2010

last post for a fez days

ok one more quick try on the dumb keyboard but i will try harder to find the right keys and press shift. so today we toured strasbourg and it is a really wonderful city. it is a perfect little european town and cool architecture. virtually no tourists come here, especially americans so people were really taken back when they found out where we are from. the caps comes on everytime i do a period so no more of those; the people here are very nice actually and not at all like the rude people in paris; this sorta changed our ideas about french people but not about french food, though we have found a number of things we like and i even tried sardines and some moldy yogurt cheese both of which took everything i had in life to keep down and my eyes teared up; strasbourg has a really cool huge cathedral that we toured and it rivals notre dame; really creepy gargoyles not at all cute like in the cartoon; creepy ones depicting them eating small animals and children; everyone here smokes and no one has children or is pregnant; there are youth but they are all about 16 or so because that is when they are done with school and so since few go on to univeristy they just hang out and smoke and make out in the streets; the flea market has shirts that say university of montana on them but spelled wrong zhich zas funny; also the signs for sandwhich shops say sandwhicherie hehe; in stransbourg because it is on the border of france and germany they speak both languages so singe doug can hang in german we have been mostly ok with the language barrier; so tomorrow morning we head to vernazza which i am guessing the internet is sparse there but i wanted to say that today was excellent and we had a great time and i now dont think all french people are azful; there is some really great food and some fabulous old cathedrals and gothic style; i am really looking forward to italy now and supposedly the weather will get better so that is great;

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