Monday, February 22, 2010


WOW! What a weekend. A baby shower, a buying of shoes for Europe :), hanging out with the family, oh and helping DELIVER A BABY! Say wha? Yeah, a dear friend of mine asked me to help do counter pressure during labor and I was thrilled to oblige. I had intended on just assisting in the beginning but when the baby arrived 18 minutes after we showed up to the hospital I was more than slightly involved. She was on her side and I was helping hold her legs up and leaning into them so she had something from which to push against. May I just say it was one of the more incredible experiences of my life. I want to at least finish my graduate degree before we start having children but this has seriously altered my laughable life schedule. It was amazing.
(amazing - jem)
(amazing - kanye west) ha
And don't worry about my feet. The shoes are great and I've got the Super Feet inserts. Its all good.


Nat said...

Holy freaking cow! Maybe you should take up midwifery as a hobby. :) So cool.

Your comment on my blog post about goals was AWESOME! Just wanted to make sure you knew I always appreciate your comments! Plus you seem to think more along the same lines as I do than most people, so sometimes when I read a comment from you it's like I'm talking to myself!

christine said...

jo!!! you're helpin' people pop out babies! what a noble thing to do. the two times i was involved in birthin' i almost yaked - so i definitely have respect for people who do so.

also - where in the world are you two thinking of moving? (in my head i was singing where in the world is carmen sandiego... but my tired little fingers couldnt make the words fit!)

i miss you two! and by the way- europe for so long!! i'm definitely jealous