Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm not in Kansas anymore

I went to Wichita for a few days to attend my grandmothers funeral. It was a crazy whirlwind trip consisting of scanning homework at Kinkos to email on the day of the funeral, accompanying the funeral congregation on New Age Baptist songs I don't know, and throwing up Zicam. Oh and did I mention the guy on the plane who sat in front of me reading his PORN mags the entire time. Yeah, straight up porno mags, a light read on the plane I suppose. What the? Anyway, I suppose there are a number of good things that came from the trip. I was able to see my family. I felt right at home with my extended family and realized how creepy genetics can sometimes be (for example me and all of my cousins have the equivalent of lock jaw at night and we all wear nightguards! now I don't feel quite as dumb). Also my family and I are all relatively similar in size and stature. So I'm normal Jo when I'm around them instead of little Jo. I was also able to cook a nice meal for my father (a bachelor of 20+ years). These were all lovely things. So now I'm back to the grind.

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Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

oh, yay, thanks for the update. i am glad that you were able to work everything out. it was so lovely to see you the other day. random thought of the moment...i am watching underworld--you would be really hot in as much leather as kate beckinsale...maybe that could your halloween costume next year? love you!