Friday, April 27, 2012

we bought a zoo...i mean a car

Its a 2008 Mazda 5. We named him Bullet. He is a sporty little hatchback that also happens to have sliding doors and a third row option... but trust me, he is not a van. Its hard to tell from this picture but when I am standing next to it (me, remember, me as in 5'1") I stand taller than the car. See? Its not a van if I'm taller than it. We will keep the third row folded down most of the time so we can fit the stroller and whatever else in the back, but its handy to have the option of extra seating.

I may or may not have sat in the front seat for a solid 5 min this morning trying to figure out how the key worked. But it was like 6am, so I was probably just tired.

Also I may have driven with the air on even though it was like 30 degrees out.

And I might have unlocked it three times before I figured out how to lock it.

Is this a good time to mention that I have a master's degree?


Anyway, here is a cute and poor quality phone pic of the babes

left - Charleston, right - Whitman (always with fingers in his mouth these days)

The boys are teething. They suck on their fingers and everything else that comes near their mouth. They are surprisingly good-natured about it though. They look so similar in this photo, huh?!

And lastly, here is a cool ad for the Olympics about motherhood that I thought was so sweet...


Anonymous said...

What I really like about the Mazda 5 is it’s spacious interior! Though it looks small, still, you can carry a lot of cargo and/or you can have as many as 6 passengers. Why did you name him Bullet?

-Sara Anthony

Dewey Setlak said...

I used to drive a Mazda 5 and yes, I’m in love with how spacious it is too! It’s not a van, but it’s build, as well as its space, will make you think again, if it’s really a van. My daughter named him Nat, and up until now, I’m still wondering where she got that name.

Enoch Ross said...

A spacious car is what’s best for a family man like me. You know, my family is fond of out-of-town trips to relieve the stress from a whole week of work. Anyway, this Mazda 5 is one of the best cars I’ve ever driven and if I’ll be given a chance to own this car, I won’t hesitate to grab the opportunity. Well, a year has passed already and I hope you’re enjoying your car. :)

-Enoch Ross-