Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little boat on a big sea

The thing is, if you keep changing the final destination, it makes it hard to know where to steer the boat. You know? I've been talking for the last two weeks or so about goals. I am a big goal fanatic. I think about them alot and I do my best to make ones that stretch me but that are attainable. I write them down and I review them weekly. I get alot accomplished because I have serious goals. I tell people that the first step when making goals is to think about where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to be. These are big questions. They require a ton of thought and even then, it changes. Today I'm feeling like the problem with being a multi-faceted person (if I may be so presumptious as to state that I am- or at the very least strive to be) is that its difficult not to be overwhelmed by the multitude of options. Why can't we just try other people's lives on for a few days and see what we think? Do you remember job shadow day as a school kid? I went to work with my father a few times and with my stepfather a few times. And while I realized that I wasn't interested in either the military or being an airconditioner salesman, I at least had the opportunity to discover the things I didn't want to do. It feels like now that you have to commit before you even really get a good idea of what you like. Right now I feel like I'm just hoping that I'm on the right path to the thing that I think I want to do. I hope its the right path and that I actually enjoy the destination.


Laura Garner said...

Well, at least you're trying :) Sometimes that's really all that matters, right? Although an over-achiever never wants to hear that! I guess over the past few years I've stopped trying so hard, (not that that's what you're doing, I'm just going off on my own tangent) and it's actually been a bit calming for such a perfectionist like myself.

COCOCOZY said...

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