Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh yeah

So turns out a 20-page paper nearly killed me. What was that yesterday? Re-evaluating everything in my entire life? Yeah, crazy stress case. Ha. Sorry about that. I was talking to my sweet husband about it and he kindly reminded me that I'm a perfectionist and I love LOVE beautiful things. Why an awesome photo of my cat from a friend? Because its fabulous and I enjoy looking at it (and part of me indentifies with being the crazy old cat lady). Why have my graphic design friend make the invitations? Because I love seeing the girls faces light up when they see the invite. Some of them keep the invites because they are so lovely! Why spend hours making ridiculous kids books? Because I LOVE my neices and nephews and love to see them happy and feel special. Granted there are a few things that I probably am a bit overboard on (the inside of cabinets looking photographable? really?) but generally I do things because they bring me joy.

I took photos of one of the books I made and will post them tonight or tomorrow but for now, lets be content looking at the random photo above that I quite enjoy.

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